Corporate website


AEROHUB KUN is an emerging aviation base in North East Europe. The base is located in Kaunas International Airport and covers more than 200 hectares territory, dedicated to aviation business.

Analysis and prototype

Our team of analysts collaborated with the team at AEROHUB KUN to find the best way of presenting our partner in the digital world.

Our partner is facing massive competition in his business sector so we had to make sure that AEROHUB KUN stands out from all the noise in the market. We came up with an interface that gives the feeling of an engaging presentation of the company.


To ensure the wow effect we avoided building large text blocks and used image-based icons to display information instead.

We also chose to use color codes that separate different parts of the website and put emphasis on clickable objects.

Infographics and 3D visualisations ensure that visitors get a better picture on offerings of AEROHUB KUN. All of chosen solutions were perfectly optimized to be displayed on mobile devices.


We decided not to use dated Flash technology in the development of this website, so it was built using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

With so many interactive elements, there is always a challenge of something going wrong. We carried out numerous tests on all possible screens, devices and browsers’ a sure way to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

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