A mobile version of biggest online vehicle marketplace

Since 2003, has been the leading platform in Lithuania for selling vehicles used by both dealers and private sellers. Website has over one million unique visitors a month and over 200k unique ads.


With the growing use of smart devices, the old version for mobiles was no longer satisfying users and our partner’s expectations. Nordcode was tasked to recreate a mobile version of and bring back the best user experience possible.


We started with a thorough analysis of users’ experience using and clearly mapped their behavior on the mobile site. Analysis and it results guided the creation of a wireframe of the new version of, which was then tested in a focus group. It was the most effective way to pin-point the functions of utmost importance to site’s mobile users.


For purchasers

  • An updated search mechanism, with an option to create and save search templates
  • A more clear and a more convenient way to view classified ads
  • An option to save classified ads that caught buyer’s eye

For vendors

  • Fully integrated seller’s profile
  • A quicker way to upload new classified ads
  • A new option to pay for promotion services
  • Private Messaging between buyer and seller

Icon system

Facing a challenge of fitting numerous functionalities into a tiny mobile screen, we decided to opt for image icon system instead of text ones for describing various vehicle characteristics.

As a general result UX for both vendors and purchasers was made a lot more convenient.


Within the first 5-months after launching the new mobile version for, its traffic of unique mobile site visitors grew from 242k to 435k. The total number of visits grew by 766k and ad displays have increased from 15mm to more than 37mm.