Product placement website


Nestlé, the world’s leading food and beverage company, was looking for ways to introduce their cutting edge product Dolce Gusto coffee machines into the Baltics. They were in need for an on-line platform to introduce their to-be clients to the exciting world of various coffee flavors and showcase Dolce Gusto coffee machines as an accessible item for an everyday use.


We faced a challenge to create a simple yet appealing and surprising design. After all it was dedicated for the to-be clients who are not yet loyal fans of the brand.

Our designers took this challenge head on and came up with an eye catching landing page that has a super clear menu. Nestlé loved our creation so much, they even considered changing all global Dolce Gusto online marketing sites to the one we created.


To ensure unrestricted usability of the website, we coupled it with a very flexible and easy to use CMS tool allowing admin to change a look and feel of it in only few easy steps.