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Kauno alus

Kauno alus is one of the oldest breweries in the country, founded back in XIX th century by two Swiss brothers. Brewery's story is based on long-standing traditions and a true passion for beer making, resulting in unique beverages.


From the very first meeting with the team at Kauno alus, we knew that we are set to be working with an extraordinary group of people. Their passion for beer was outstanding. Partner like them is a dream come true for us. But they left us with a big challenge: how do we effectively share company's dedication to the craft with the rest of the world?

We quickly found a formula and it had two ingriedients: "infographics" and "playfulness". Infographics allowed us to tell the long story in a fun and engaging way. The playful elements were used for full screen videos and impactful imagery that runs in the background. Every detail adds up in positioning the brewery as a true artisan of its field.

It stands out for:

  • Responsive design
  • Full screen video background 
  • Interactive product navigation

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