Interactive platform for cinema lovers

Vilnius International Cinema Festival

Kino Pavasaris is the most important annual international cinema event in Lithuania. Since the festival’s initiation back in 1995 it has earned a loyal base of cinema loving fans, by offering them carefully curated set of films coming from all over the world.


The festival kept growing so fast that the old website version soon became too static and outdated for cinema fans with high expectations. Nordcode joined Kino Pavasaris team with the goal to give their virtual home a whole new look.

We soon learned how complex the job of organizing a successful festival is. Having number of third parties involved, several different locations and more than 200 movies shown during the period of two weeks we had to think hard on how to build a website that would truly cater for festival’s visitors.

Moreover, we set up ourselves a challenge to built a platform that would help the team at Kino Pavasaris to bring even better and bigger festival next year. We aimed at an inspiring platform that could be used in a daily communication with festival’s partners.


We updated design for it to be in line with the new brand. Festival’s strategy was to use the website as a universal communication platform for advertising campaigns, from video ads to outdoor stands.

We chose a solution encouraging visitors to spend more time browsing instead of scaring them off with vast amounts of information.

A clearly visible “search” tool was installed to make sure that fans can jump directly to information about a particular movie, they have already seen in an ad campaign.

We also added an exciting tool for all Kino Pavasaris fans – a tool to create your own festival movie schedule. Users absolutely loved this new feature. No surprise, the time is precious when we talk about Kino Pavasaris – it is so amazing that its biggest fans take holidays at work just to see as many movies on the offer as possible.


When dealing with enormous amounts of important information it is important not to overwhelm the users. To be consistent throughout the project we came up with several fundamental rules:

  • Use color codes  the site was divided into color-coded sections. This allows for a more intuitive browsing experience
  • Divide space into sections  we used four sectioning-columns, serving as an intuitive guide on where the navigation, menu and other tools should be located
  • Install a search engine that allows to look for specific movies by their titles, directors, actors, countries of origin or even duration
  • A brand new tool with an option to easily add your favorite movies to your calendar, without spending more time on searching them over again


  • Full integration with third-party sites (Eventival, ticket operators, IMDB)
  • Option to save your favourite movies 
  • Movie rating system
  • Full integration with iOS and Android applications
  • Flexible advertising system for third party customers
  • Full integration with Facebook connect and Gmail authorization
  • News section fully integrated with movie catalog and schedule
  • Easily accessible festival’s archive
  • Website optimized for large traffic