eShop for fashion retail


Levuo is one of the biggest and most experienced fashion retailers in Lithuania. At the moment they operate 37 fashion stores across the country. They tasked us with creation of the eCommerce side of their retail business:


We choose a very streamlined approach by relying on our vast expertise in custom design development. Our analytics identified and eliminated redundant features that were part of the existing process. Moreover, we made some vital process rearrangements to make it more user friendly.


Levuo facing a conventional challenge: how do you keep customer’s attention and encourage him to shop right now? E-retailer always has only one chance – so our focus was on making browsing and shopping experiences as quick and easy as possible. Search tools offer a way to find the item you are searching for in just a few seconds. Making the purchase has never been so easy, as we eliminated all the steps which are nice to have, but are absolutely unnecessary.

  • eCommerce solution uses Magento software
  • Integrated with the most popular banking systems via BankLink
  • Integrated with our partner’s prefered courier system
  • eCommerce fully integrated with company’s sales and stock manegement system
  • A convenient tool for website admin to manage promotions and highlight preferred products easily.


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