E-guide for people with visual and hearing impairments

Lithuanian Art Museum

Lithuanian Art Museum is a national museum – one of the oldest and leading institutions of its kind in the country.


Our partner wanted to make sure that its amazing collections are equally accessible to everyone. And we mean everyone! So they gave us a challenge to come up with technology-based solution – an e-guide, allowing people with visual or hearing impairments to have a great time and enjoy the museum and its valuable collections. So we of course took it!


This task was new to us. Our team spent numerous hours consulting medics and people with visual and hearing impairments on how to create a truly enhancing e-guide.

For people with hearing impairments, we created an app with a video guide, which tells the story of each artwork in sign language.

For people with visual impairments, we chose to create a multi-sensory experience. We not only enabled them to hear stories surrounding each artwork, but also enriched the experience with sound effects taking them to places pictured in the paintings.

Navigation of the App was made as simple as it can get. Different functions were made accessible by a single touch or swipe. Every piece of UI design, colors, font sizes have been tested with large focus groups before applying them to the chosen solution.

Technical development

The App functions perfectly on both iOS and Android systems. The most challenging part proved to be the massive size of HQ imagery, sounds and videos, enriching visitor’s experience. Our developers found a way – they managed to compress all the files without having to compromise on their quality. app