Betting platform


Orakulas is a leading bookmaker in Lithuania with a chain of over 60 betting shops across the country and hundreds of thousands of bets made on its online betting platform every month.


As always – we started with a thorough analysis of partner’s needs and challenges. We looked for a pattern in users’ behavior and created a wireframe for the new frontend platform, which was then tested in a focus group.

Our main task was to develop the Core Systems by creating an attractive online platform for betting enthusiasts. To enhance betting experience we decided to give an option for the betting enthusiasts to bet on all of their preferred games either before they start or even during the game. Live streaming of events that users can bet on was integrated into the platform, allowing to follow the progress of event of interest in real-time.

The biggest challenge we faced was to build a website that would load incredibly fast, offering real-time game results. Live streaming and massive traffic of users trying to access betting platform at the same time made it quite a task. Our team of experienced web developers took the challenge head-on and completely optimized the platform – providing a pleasant UX as it can get, just like the users might expect from the industry leader!


Challenged with fitting a lot of important information into screens that keep getting smaller and smaller, we focused on creating a responsive design and icon system for the betting platform. Our design team completely revamped the website’s image, making it pretty and convenient to use for both Mobile and PC users.


  • An option to save your favorite team/player. User gets automatic notification whenever a new game is coming up
  • Customized alert system about games that might be of interest to a user
  • An option to choose different time zones
  • Betting history
  • An easier way to start betting: separated functionality with basic access without registration
  • Full website integration with most popular Payment systems


  • 65% of all bets are carried out online
  • 200.000 monthly bets
  • 150.000 unique users per month