Responsive website for Law Firm

Verum Law Firm

Verum is a Lithuanian law firm, offering complex legal solutions to both companies and individuals.

UI/UX design

Most law firms promote their services online in a similar manner: a lot of serious text, decorated with corporate pictures and then topped up with even more serious text. It's all very informative for fellow lawyers, but for a person who is in trouble and is looking for professional legal advice, it can seem a little bit… overwhelming. This is why we came up with an interactive, heavily visual website not overloaded with information.


  • Website clearly stands out with its interactive layout and landing page that is not just beautiful to look at but informative as well
  • Every lawyer working at Verum has his own personal profile with detailed information on his skills and competencies
  • Verum organizes a lot of seminars and lectures. We created a componenent for publishing and managing upcoming events

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