We have solved thousands of puzzles while digitalising our partners’ businesses. Here is a taste of business sectors that benefited from a Nordcode touch making intricate ideas come true.



Launching a beautifully designed new e-shop is exciting, but our responsibilities don’t end just there. We offer a 24/7 e-commerce platform administration and analysis on how to further optimize partner’s site and boost his e-retail business.

What we offer:

  • Based on results of a thorough analysis of partner’s business, we will build an e-commerce platform to best suit his specific needs
  • Mobile e-commerce solutions to match customers’ habits and partner’s business needs
  • Advice on best marketing tools to promote partner’s e-commerce business and full administration of a chosen campaign
  • Online shops in full sync with the most up-to-date analytics systems
  • Effective logistic strategies and solutions with a tool tailored to execute them
  • E-commerce solutions fully integrated with partner’s current accounting and stock management systems
  • Strategies to boost partner’s e-commerce site traffic and grow sales.

Recommended by:

  • Shoe embassy
  • Levuo


Financial sector

Financial industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to the latest IT developments. We focus on creating automated platforms, allowing our partners to save time and money.

What we offer:

  • Online and mobile bank customer self-service systems and a matching content management system
  • Integrated solutions for selling financial services over multiple channels
  • Online calculators and other customer-oriented tools
  • E-bank UI solutions
  • E-banking solutions & integrations
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • IT platforms adapted to your current business processes
  • Digitising partner’s internal processes and developing mobile apps to ensure internal process optimisation.

Recommended by:

  • Finasta (e-shop, e-bank)
  • Lord LB
  • Coface
  • Edrauda
  • Versli Lietuva


Online media and ads

It’s one of the most interesting and challenging industries with massive traffic, un-loyal users and new optimisation strategies popping up every week. We employ the

most up-to-date technological solutions and use UI/UX design creatively to built industry’s leading products.

What we offer:

  • Websites with great UX on both PC and Mobile devices
  • Easy to use CMS
  • SEO optimization and management tools
  • Integrated PC & Mobile community marketplace platforms (tai yra informacijos importavimas is kitu kanalu);
  • Community marketplace and media platforms’ tools for community support staff and contributors
  • Integrated search solutions and optimisation (Elastic search, sphinx) – Integrated cache solutions (Memcache, Redis)
  • UI & UX solutions and optimisation

Recommended by:

  • Obyava


Online Betting

An industry powered by understanding of human nature and psychology is of a great challenge to work with. Luckily we have tools and know how to employ analytics to guide us through creating attractive and catchy online betting sites.

What we offer:

  • Online betting systems fully functional on both PC & Mobile Devices – Easy to use CMS
  • Optimized UI & UX solutions.

Recommended by:

  • Orakulas